Thursday, August 13, 2009


Lost track of time tonight, stayed up way later than I wanted to. Overhauled a LOT of code in the PyPcap library (both C any Python code). It's now a lot cleaner, and a lot of the functionality that was only available via creating a new pcap object is now available at runtime (i.e. open/reopen an interface or offline capture).

Also changed a bit of the Windows code that (for whatever reason) attempted to implement pcap_lookupdev, even though WinPcap has that function. Other minor changes were included in the C code (a little bit of refactoring).

The Python code now includes logging for most of its functionality, which is disabled by default. It does require either [1] modifying the PYX file or [2] modifying pcap.DEBUG_LEVEL before instantiating the pcap object that logging is desired for. Lots of refactoring. Hopefully I didn't break anything.

Must. Get. To. Sleeeeeeeeeeep.


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