Sunday, August 2, 2009

PyPcap = Abandonware

So PyPcap, the Pcap library that PCS includes in its distribution, is essentially abandonware. Hasn't been a new release since Jan 2007. The files in the included PyPcap say that GNN is the maintainer.

George, if you are reading this, please let me know so that I may submit patches to PyPcap. There is at least one issue that is of high importance to my project, for which a patch already exists, that I don't mind integrating into the PyPcap project on Google Code.

I tweeted at @dugsong, so hopefully the guy in charge of the project (as far as Google Code is concerned) will give me access to make the changes. I can make the changes locally, but there's no reason not to include them online for all to use.


1 comment:

  1. Have you hear back on that yet? I'd be interested in a fork of pypcap if that is what is required for having patches.