Sunday, August 16, 2009

And so it ends

SoC is coming to an end tonight.

Overall, I think the project went very well. I'm going to try to bust out a few deliverable tests tonight since those were the original goal, but I think the volume of work that I got done will speak for itself.

  • I forked PyPcap, fixed bugs, extended the functionality, wrote better tests.
  • I forked PCS-0.5, fixed bugs, extended the functionality (although I didn't write tests for PCS).
  • I've essentially implemented a reference userland implementation of TCP on top of PCS and PyPcap, which should allow for even more applications than a simple regression testing suite, complete with tests of the code itself, as well as a few deliverable tests that should validate functionality of various TCP stacks.

In addition to continuing work with the TcpRegression suite, I've sent an email to the Metasploit project to see if they could use another leisure-pace developer. That should be an interesting project, and maybe I'll be able to apply some of the knowledge about TCP that I gained over the summer. Overall, it's been very productive - for my personal benefit (fiscal and intellectual), and hopefully the FOSS community and FreeBSD as well.

I've got a few minor changes to PyPcap that need to go up -- mostly it's just the inclusion of a function that will print out a string of bytes in the same format that they appear in Wireshark's Packet Bytes view.

There's a load of TcpRegression functionality and tests that will be in the next commit. Over the next week or so, I'll work on the documentation and cleaning up the code, and getting Google their code sample. I'd like a nice, solid "0.1" release. It's also crossed my mind to separate the regression tests themselves from the main framework, and re-badging it "TCPython". The name looks like it hasn't been taken yet, but we'll see how that goes.

Special thanks to Titus Brown and George Neville-Neil for helping me throughout the summer, you both helped me out of a few ruts along the way that could've made the whole project a lot less enjoyable.


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