Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Day

Busy day. Added some more PyPcap functionality, fixed some bugs, and implemented tests. All of the functionality is at least touched by the tests...
- Live capture
- Dumping to file
- Reading from file
- Packet filter

Additionally, migrated the 'tcpfilter' class to use bpf instead of manually inspecting the fields of each packet after it had been constructed by PCS. This should be MUCH faster.

Also learned that in Python...

class X():
....y = someObject()

... means that all X objects will be instantiated with the *same instance* of someObject, that is instantiated when the class is declared, instead of each object being allocated when the class instance is created. Weird. I thought it was run when the class was instantiated, and just allowed for the constructor to be a little bit less cluttered. Guess I was wrong (or that there's a Python bug).


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