Saturday, August 8, 2009

Build system

I've integrated the PyPcap changes ( into the TcpRegression Perforce tree, and put the custom-modified PCS-0.5 directory in there, as well. It contains some bugfixes for PCS-0.5, as well as a few modifications to make things easier for my particular uses.

The build system for building PyPcap, and putting the module into the PCS directory is also in place. That was kind of an interesting foray into make and, but it works very cleanly now that I've got it figured out (thanks Titus!).

Next steps are to write a few quick tests for the TcpRegression library itself, mainly to make sure that the threading stuff works as expected. Assuming that it does, I'll be able to crank out some TCP tests and have a final product for FreeBSD.

My work schedule changes quite a bit next week, so I'll be awake while most people are asleep/at work (depending on how I do it). Basically I'm working 0200-1000 next week, and need to figure out if I'm gonna wake just before 2AM, or go to bed just after 10AM.


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