Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fighting with the host OS

After finding out that Wireshark is stupid, and considers 0x2000 to be the same as 0x0002 for Loopback-layer family fields, I am now battling with the host OS. Sending a connection request properly elicits a SYN/ACK response, but the OS is quickly sending out a RST packet to kill the connection.

Changing the source IP to be something other than an IP the operating system should care about results in no SYN/ACK packet. I tried moving back over to a non-loopback interface, with a different source IP address (using the correct destination IP address). It gets sent back from the router (the packet is duplicated with the source MAC being the router MAC), but it does not elicit a SYN/ACK response.

Wierd. And frustrating.


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