Thursday, June 11, 2009


Although there IS the catch that if we do not call recv() before the response TCP packet arrives, it will be lost forever (since we are using raw sockets). The easy solution to this is to have a thread that does all of the buffering, as I imagine happens in a real TCP stack. Might have to look into the 'multiprocessing' module. It seems like passing pcs.packets.tcp.tcp objects via a multiprocessing.queue would be the way to go about doing things.

Actually, after reading a bit about the multiprocessing module, this may end up being a non-issue. Just a have a reader thread that reads all of the raw IP data, checks to see if it is the right stuff (i.e. the IP addresses are what were expected, the TCP ports are the expected ports) and then passes it along to the queue. Behind-the-scenes, a call to recv() will just fetch the next item off the queue.


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