Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was having some issues earlier wrapping my mind around why, exactly, packing strings didn't give me a string with the "\x##\x##\x##" format. Evidently, that is only necessary for characters that do not have a normal, printable equivalent.


>>> "\x7D" + "\x7B"

Anyway, the following output is what had me confused, and why I spent about an hour or so now looking into the 'struct' package and why it wasn't giving me what I thought I wanted. Notice the plaintext "test" at the end. It seemed out of place, so I was assuming that I was doing something wrong.

>>> from pcsextension.payload import payload
>>> from pcs.packets.tcp import tcp
>>> p = payload('test')
>>> t = tcp()
>>> = p
>>> t.chain().bytes


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