Friday, May 1, 2009

Installing PCS and Pyrex on a Mac

Found this out a while ago, but figure it might be useful to users of PCS... (since I couldn't find this information anywhere else)

  1. Download PCS from
  2. Download Pyrex from
  3. Extract Pyrex. Then run
    sudo python install

  4. Extract PCS. Then run
    sudo python install

  5. Don't bother with the MacPort of pylibpcap. Just download it from, and run
    sudo python install

  6. To make sure everything works, bring up Python and type
    import pcs
    As long as you don't get any errors, it's safe to assume everything went well :-)

In retrospect, this all is extremely straightforward. I was trying to do it the "MacPorts" way instead of just *doing* it. Would've saved myself a lot of hassle... Read more...

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