Sunday, October 11, 2009

PCS-0.5 Diff with PCS version used in TcpRegression

I've created a Diff file that shows all of the changes that I made to PCS over the course of the summer. Some of these might be merged back into the PCS mainline, others might not.

The highlight of the changes are:
  • BitString class. The code for encoding individual bits, even if there is a lack of alignment on 8-bit boundaries, is a bit iffy (even the code says "This makes my head hurt"). The BitString class allows manipulation of individual bits just like a Python list object, and can be translated into an integer value, string value, binary string (via bin()), hex string (via hex()), and allows arbitrary manipulation.
  • The names of the pcs.packets.tcp.tcp class fields were assigned variables. Instead of object['fieldName'] which is prone to typos going undetected, I made a bunch of variables so that they can be referred to as object[f_fieldname]. If mistyped, the interpreter picks up on the nonexistent variable.
GNN: I've explicitly emailed you about this, as this was something that you requested.

Everyone else can get a copy here:

From looking at the diff, it does not appear that my changes rely on anything in the forked PCap library (and for that matter, don't involve PCap at all).


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